Welcome to the The Heaven I Swallowed Book Coverwebsite of  Australian author, Rachel Hennessy. Rachel’s second novel THE HEAVEN I SWALLOWED was named Runner Up in the 2008 Australian/Vogel Award and was published by Wakefield Press in June 2013. It tells the story of Grace, a World War II widow who decides to “save” a young Aboriginal girl, Mary, by adopting her into her home, believing she will be able to redeem the child by giving her all the benefits of white society.

Her first novel THE QUAKERS was also published by Wakefield Press. The book won the Adelaide Festival Award for Best Unpublished Manuscript and was described by John Birmingham (author of HE DIED WITH A FELAFEL IN HIS HAND) as “unputdownable”.  THE QUAKERS is a love story with a twist, where friendship turns to obsession and addictions lead to murder.

Rachel is currently working on her third novel, KEEP ME CLOSE, the fictionalised re-telling of the writing of her first novel in the hothouse of a Creative Writing workshop.


4 thoughts on “Welcome

    • rachelhennessy says:

      Hi Kim, thanks for the response and apologies for delay in replying – I’m kind of new to this whole blog world. As a prison chaplain I’ve sure you are exposed to a lot of dark stories so this one might appeal to you.

      Hope Newcastle is treating you well – I regularly return to visit.

  1. Kim Miller says:

    Hi again,

    I read your book. Good stuff. It’s got a relentless edge as it sinks into the dark, even though the character often thinks otherwise. I hope it goes well for you.

    These days I work with people coming out of prison, but the stories of dysfunction still continue. http://www.homeforgood.org.au


  2. Steve says:

    ‘KEEP ME CLOSE, the fictionalised re-telling of the writing of her first novel in the hothouse of a Creative Writing workshop.’

    I’d appreciate if you didn’t mention who gave you the tips on successful wrist-slashing ;).

    Keep Me Close is also the title of the one Clare Francis book I made it all the way through. Not bad in a Ruth Rendell Lite sort of way.

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