100 Most Beautiful People List

People Magazine has just released its ‘100 Most Beautiful People’ List and it has been topped by Christina Applegate. Apparently she had a breast cancer scare and, a la Kylie, managed to cope with it well. What exactly does this means? That she managed not to be seen when she was really ill? That she managed to re-appear healthy and shiny, without any seeming change to her appearance? This is what Kylie managed to do and was labeled a role model.

The notion of the ‘most beautiful’ list seems so primitive to me, but as I’m currently researching the idea of beauty via cosmetic surgery, it is very apt.

It’s fascinating that the magazine puts out this list, which is so obviously concerned with surface level beauty, but then tries to justify itself by voting Applegate number one because of her “courage” in the face of adversity. This is their way of trying to pretend such lists are more about inner beauty, rather than outer beauty. Who are they trying to kid?


One thought on “100 Most Beautiful People List

  1. Gina says:

    I agree with what you are saying and I also find it strange when magazines publish the “natural” look as if to say “yes they are ugly and plain like the rest of us”, especially without their makeup on. I also heard a disturbing line on a film review last week on the ABC which was a young girl all of about 8 requesting that her and her friends wanted a “makeover” party. It takes me back to the film “New York Stories” by Frances Ford Coppola and his comment on the obsession of being glamorous, especially in one film which was about a lavish party for children who were so bored out of their brains to make it comical if not disturbing. Anyhow enough of a rave – I think it is good to keep these topics on the boil if only to keep a reality check going.

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