Back on the horse

It’s been close to two years since I visited my website and I only have one person to blame: my daughter. Not that I do blame her, since she is, in the cliched terms of all parents, ‘a constant joy’, but she hasn’t left me much time or brain to engage with anything creative. I have never imagined myself a super-woman so these past two years, while at times frustrating, have also been a welcome break from the pressure of full-time writing.

But the time has come to get back on the horse. Primarily because my second novel, THE HEAVEN I SWALLOWED, is due to be released in the next month and I have to remind myself of how to speak about it coherently.

This will be a challenge as I’m just about to have another real-life baby (timing!) However, I’m very happy to have this book finally out there.

It is a novel that I struggled with for three years but which is important to me; it draws on the stories of my maternal grandmother and my paternal great-aunt. Two women who, as I say in my acknowledgements, I did not know very well but who I hope might be ‘flattered by the attention’. Let the ride begin (again)…