Back on the horse

It’s been close to two years since I visited my website and I only have one person to blame: my daughter. Not that I do blame her, since she is, in the cliched terms of all parents, ‘a constant joy’, but she hasn’t left me much time or brain to engage with anything creative. I have never imagined myself a super-woman so these past two years, while at times frustrating, have also been a welcome break from the pressure of full-time writing.

But the time has come to get back on the horse. Primarily because my second novel, THE HEAVEN I SWALLOWED, is due to be released in the next month and I have to remind myself of how to speak about it coherently.

This will be a challenge as I’m just about to have another real-life baby (timing!) However, I’m very happy to have this book finally out there.

It is a novel that I struggled with for three years but which is important to me; it draws on the stories of my maternal grandmother and my paternal great-aunt. Two women who, as I say in my acknowledgements, I did not know very well but who I hope might be ‘flattered by the attention’. Let the ride begin (again)…


4 thoughts on “Back on the horse

    • rachelhennessy says:

      Hello Carol!
      Well – there is the advantage of getting back on the horse – re-connecting with lovely people. Love the look of your blog, such a great combo of words and pictures (which I would expect from you). How is your writing? Is novel number three done?

      • Carol Lefevre says:

        Thanks, Rachel. Are you coming to Adelaide for the book? Would be lovely to catch up with something to celebrate. And yes, there is another novel just finished…no way of knowing about it yet though.

  1. rachelhennessy says:

    Yes Carol – I’ll be heading your way sometime in April I think to do a launch. Congrats on getting another novel under your belt. Can’t wait to see it in print. x

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