Overland/Lit Hub article: Can Fiction Still Make A Difference?


silhouettesWhen teaching creative writing, I invariably ask my students why it is they want to write. The answers range from the predictable – ‘to straighten out my thoughts’, ‘to create my own world and escape reality’, ‘to remember and capture memories’ – to the faintly quirky – ‘to reproduce the contours of my mind’, ‘to take ideas out and decide if they are a diamond or a piece of glass’. While these reasons are perfectly valid, I am yet to encounter a student who gives the answer I did when I first began my writing journey: ‘to change the world.’ Read more.


2 thoughts on “Overland/Lit Hub article: Can Fiction Still Make A Difference?

  1. Hardeep says:

    I just finished reading your article in Overland- I absolutely loved it! I 100% agree that fiction can change the world. It is through reading a wide variety of texts that I have come to know new ideas, empathise and have my own convictions challenged. Words carry enormous power. Thank you for a great read!

    • rachelhennessy says:

      Thanks so much for your feedback on this article – it took me about six months to write because I grappled with how to say what I wanted to say without sounding too over-the-top. I’m glad you agree about fiction’s power…

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