Reviews of The Quakers

JOHN BIRMINGHAM, The Australian:

‘THE QUAKERS often achieves a rare fusion of high aesthetic with simple, storytelling power, evoking that strange, uncommon, entirely subjective head rush that in any other context beyond the sedentary act of reading we might call excitement. At times, Hennessy’s book is, to borrow from the world of the airport novel, unputdownable.’

TALI POLICHTUK, Australian Book Review:

‘Lucy’s [the narrator’s] verbosity is a refreshing change from the monosyllabic grunts of young adult characters recently inspired by other emerging Australian authors. THE QUAKERS shies away from a clear moral stance – to the novel’s credit. It offers a nuanced and accomplished case study of a troubled mind, leaving the reader to decide whether it is a criminal one.’

KATRINA DAL MOLIN, South Coast Register:

‘This is a story for anyone who has ever felt passion and devotion to another and knows what it is like to want something so bad it hurts. THE QUAKERS explores obsession, mental illness and love as it drives the characters of the book to do unspeakable things. We can only hope the author has more of these gems up her sleeve.’


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